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SoLoMo website is specialized in app, platform, and website development

SoLoMo is a comprehensive marketing solution for local businesses. SoLoMo stands for Social Local Mobile. We optimize websites for smart phones, local online searches, and help to make social connections. It’s all interconnected in a basic, affordable, but very effective strategy for local businesses. With our help you can easily make it yours.

Stop wasting money working without an online strategy. Learn more about the SoLoMo strategy.

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SoLoMo Services

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    Reviews & Quality

    We can review your security, business solutions, plans, content, design, page structure & speed.

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    Website Development

    Development can include (responsive) design, UI/UX, hosting, security & content services.

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    Platform & App Solutions

    We offer both conventional and thinking outside the box solutions. We love to innovate!

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    SEO & many other marketing techniques can be part of a succesful SoLoMo strategy.

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    Project Management

    An experienced project manager used to direct and motivate people in any process of change.

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    Maintenance & Support

    Scheduled tasks to ensure reliability, quality, security and performance + our fast 24/7 support.

Services for organizations

when you want to reach people beyond your local area

SoLoMo Platforms & Apps Development

Once your business has grown, or when your objective is to not just reach people locally, but beyond – it’s very likely that your target group and/or staff are more demanding, and you would like to measure up to different competitors.

Platforms & Apps can make a huge difference in who you can reach, connect and build relationships with.


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Projects & Tasks
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B2C & B2B

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We can provide services to you during any stage of your business or brand development