As of today operators can now limit or block non-essential services in Portugal.

As of today, telecommunications operators can limit or block access to non-essential services to broadband internet, such as video games and digital platforms, if necessary, to protect critical state services. Digital platforms, such as Netflix and Youtube, as well as the video game signal, may be blocked to ensure the continuity of electronic communication services to hospitals or security forces. These measures were already provided into the decree that regulates the new state of emergency, on...

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Change is inevitable

Happy (EU) Data Privacy Day! On January 28th, 1981, Europe signed their first modern privacy treaty. The purpose of this day is to better inform European citizens about their rights regarding the use of their personal data by governments, companies, and other organizations. Companies and organizations are also encouraged to improve the protection of personal data on this day. Within both the government and the business community, and also between the two, there is a trend to want to share more d...