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6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website Now

Expecting to lure in customers without having a digital presence is like moving to a deserted island and hoping all the neighbors pop over for a visit. If you don’t place your small business somewhere where people can easily find you — like the internet — they just aren’t going to. According to market research, a majority of respondents reported going online to find products and services from small businesses, and only 8.4% said they found new places to shop by walking into brick-and-mortar stor...

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Free promotion for local events with road closures

Today is a historic day as the 46th presidential inauguration has taken place for President Joe Biden Jr. and Vice President Dr. Kamala Harris. One of the amazing things we noticed is that someone from the government administration has placed a “Line of Flags” on Google Maps for this event. See the images below: You’re probably thinking “ok what good is that flag line to me”? Most online advertising costs money. What do you pay for ...