The best way to choose a campaign structure

In your Google Ads structure, you will have to deal with different metrics such as words, budgets, goals, campaigns, ads, groups, and so much more. Before you know it you will lose sight of what is needed. One of the most important questions in the PPC world is how you (re) structure search campaigns. This can be done in different ways and each method has its advantages and disadvantages. There is no single ultimate structure that works best for all advertisers. In this article, we will discuss ...


Top 5 most innovative campaigns of 2020

Which campaigns have made the most impression in the past year? Who managed to innovate in 2020 despite or thanks to the current situation? Every year, campaigns, using the new possibilities and evolution of technology, are increasingly innovative. So 2020 should have been a great year. Unfortunately, an unnamed virus threw a spanner in the works. Due to the freezing of marketing budgets and people who are obliged to stay indoors, innovation has (understandably) been put on the back burner this ...